Unable to login after major update to v14.06

Hello guys and girls,

I am having trouble upgrading from NC 13 to NC 14. Once updated, the instance seems running but I am unable to login with any of my two accounts.

So here is the situation:
I have a backup corresponding to the version I am currently running: v13.0.0 (data + db backup) and I can easily roll back to a working state on version 13.0.0

So I tried updating from 13.0.0 to 14.0.6 ==> Unable to connect login
Rolled-back to version 13.0.0
Updated from version 13.0.0 to version 13.0.10 ==> no issue
Try updating from 13.0.10 to 14.0.6 ==> Unable to login

I am running NC on docker and I am simply using a new version of the docker image to upgrade.

I have saved db an data before and after update to be able to investigate but I am running out of idea.
Any help welcomed,

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice day :slight_smile: