Unable to login after a fresh installation (CentOS7+MariaDB+PHP7.3)

Hi guys,

I tried a couple of times, but I am unable to logon as admin after an installation. I got no errors at all. Everything seems OK. I tried even a fresh OS installation without any luck at all. I am trying it on CentOS 7. I tried cmd “sudo -u www-data /var/www/nextcloud/occ user:resetpassword username”, it seems to successfuly change a password, but stil no luck to login. I can see the password hash in MariaDB is changing everytime I try to change a pass. Is there any way to setup a pass within mysql db ? Or what can I do ?


so what do you see? login screen again?

Under CentOS this does not make sense to me. The Apache user in Centos is apache, not www-data?

Could you have a look at this tutorial and verify that you have done these things? Bearing in mind that you are using PHP7.3 and not 7.2 as in the tutorial.

Yes, no error, nothing about a wrong password or any message.

Yes, UR right, but (perhaps I am paranoic) I changed user and group in apache setting according to Securing Apache Howto.

Your tutorial in behind a username/password and I don’t have one

Sorry, try that link?

Could you provide the link you followed? Was it on Nextcloud docs itself or some other website? You can keep the apache user and group, won’t really make a difference. Security should rather be done by changing other components such as SSL etc.


OK, I will try a fresh OS and NC installation according that instruction and let U know. THX 4 now.

I think you should start off installing NC without any tips from external sites. It makes it easier for us to help you. Once you see your basic install is up and running, you can start tweaking. That is why I wrote up that tutorial, to help people get set up with a basic, working NC instance in minutes, and then they can do whatever they want from there. Starting off complicating things without checking whether NC is actually working first, is a bit of a bad practice, especially when you want to trouble shoot.

I am used this howto: https://www.marksei.com/how-to-install-nextcloud-15-server-on-centos-7/

@tlamik maybe use this playbook. if you don’t mind that’s it’s installing nginx.

Great job ! I successfuly installed NC according 2 Your howto (however, IMHO there R 2 missing things: 1. the first semanage command tried to setup a non-existent directory (I saw somewhere I need to manualy make it, so I do it and error was gone). 2. nothing about firewall (by default is ON and blocking port 80)), but it is not a big obstacles for most people.
Many thanks