Unable to initialize sync journal


I have a large picture archive, 850GB, which can’t sync. Error is (transl from Swedish) “Unable to initialize sync journal”.

  • Local machine: Windows 10 Pro Swedish, picture archive 850GB on 2TB NTFS disk. As of now “Everyone” has full writing permissions to that particular local picture archive folder, and all subfolders and files.
  • Local NextCloud client version 2.3.3
  • Nextcloud: RaspBerry Pi 3+, external HD, ext4 file system, 3TB
  • The picture archive is already on the Pi, copied there in advance according to several good instructions. I have verified ownership and rights against other syncing archives. No problems there.

I have two other 400GB+ archives on the very same local Windows 10 HD which sync beautifully.

I can copy out one subfolder from the local HD picture archive to another place on the same HD, and sync that subfolder against a subfolder in the NextCloud tree. No problem.

But trying to sync the entire picture archive root to the corresponding root on the NextCloud tree on the Pi, yields “Unable to initialize sync journal”

But only on that root folder. 6-7 other folders, both on that local disk, and on other local disks sync beautifully

The client log says absolutely NOTHING about the problem of not being able to create the sync journal. Nada!

Does someone out there have a clever solution, or do I have to revert to DropBox?

Thanks in advance!
BR / Walth