Unable to find config.php docker version

I’m trying to install Nextcloud on a Raspberry pi 4 using docker.
I’m able to make the installation, I can connect to my account, but when I try to access it using a diffrerent address, it says “untrusted domain”. To solve this problem, i am supposed to go into config.php, and add the domain I want to be trusted. The problem is that I can’t find this find anywhere, what is its default location ? I’ve found a folder named config in what is called “Upper Dir” with a few php files, like:
apache-pretty-urls.config.php autoconfig.php s3.config.php
apcu.config.php redis.config.php smtp.config.php
apps.config.php reverse-proxy.config.php swift.config.php
but none of them has “trusted-domains” in it.
Si if you have any idea about a way to solve this, please let me know !
Thanks in advance.

Ok I found a solution.
find /var -name "config.php"
This showed me four docker volumes which contained a file named “config.php”
It was because I had tried to installed Nextcloud a few unsuccessful times, so I did:
docker volume prune
which removed the unused volumes, and only one remained, the one that the actual Nextcloud container is using, so I went into it, opened “config.php” and added my rule, and it is working now.
I’m not deleting this thread, since it could be useful for someone with the same problem as me, or maybe even me in the future :wink:


There is an environment variable for the trusted domain setting

Start the container with:

-e NEXTCLOUD_TRUSTED_DOMAINS=cloud.yourdomain.tld

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