Unable to export Vault to JSON File


i’ve tried to export my Passwort Vault to a JSON File.

I entered my Vault Passwort and press Export

on the right windows the app informs me about start Export … decryption startet

but nothing happened for minutes. No download / PopUp is offered.

What might be wrong?

In my Log there are errors belonging passman
-> see: Passman and Errors in Logs

There are 112 entries in my vault …

Please see this one: https://github.com/nextcloud/passman/issues/264

Yes thanks.

The workaround did the trick - but it is still a Workaround …

After uploading 1 (little) file to only one of my password entries I could export csv / json without interruption.

should be fixed in a future version – i hope :slight_smile: