Unable to edit nextcloud documents using Android Onlyoffice app

I have nextcloud up and running and integrated with Onlyoffice. Online editing of documents works.

On Android, I am able to connect using the nextcloud option and with a URL like https://nextcloud.exampledomain.com (the …remote.php/webdav URL does not work and says "address not found). I am also able to connect with the remote.php/webdav using the other webdav server options.

Under both of these options I am able to view the documents, but I am not able to edit or create new documents - the edit option is not there. Only able to create/edit folders.

How do I enable the ability to edit documents in the Android app?

Thank you

Edit: Looks like I finally found the answer - the apponly allows editing documents that are in onlyoffice.com. Webdav and other cloud documents can only be viewed.