Unable to download from Server over Nextcloud App

I am not able to download any file from my Nextcloud server over the Nextcloud Android App 1.4.2. I am using Samsung galaxy note 4 N910F with the latest official Firmware. The Problem started after upgrade to the last Nextcloud Server stable Version.

In the App shows me “no path”. I can’t change the storage path either internal nor external storage.

The Error:
"upgrading storage path"
ERROR: File is not readable

If I remember correctly @tobiasKaminsky did a fix for this which will be part of the next release 1.5.0, right?

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Correct. This is also in latest dev app, so if you want to be sure that it indeed fixed in 1.5.0 you can try it in dev.

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I get the same error message on my Samsung Galaxy S8 plus.

This version was working fine. Did a reset on my phone and now I get thus error message when trying to set the storage location. Same phone, same Android version, same Nextcloud client version (1.4.3).

Same day it was working and now it is not working.

Any ideas?


Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didnt fix the issue.

I had to force stop the app and then clear the cache and any storage data under app management.

It’s working now.