Unable to delete shared folder

Nextcloud version _11.0.0
Operating system and version -Ubuntu 16.04
nginx version _ unsure of version - run by ServerPilot


PHP version _ 7:

The issue you are facing:

2 separate Nextcloud installations both version 11 - called Nextcloud 1 and Nextcloud 2

Created a folder in Nextcloud 1 called members
Shared folder with user on Nextcloud 2
I then further shared folder with colleague on Nextcloud 2
Then deleted Nextcloud 1 installation
However, can still see previously shared folder on Nextcloud 2 (but cannot read contents)
I then select Members folder to delete but it fails.

Get message

Storage is temporarily not available
Error deleting file “Members”.

Expected behavior - to be able to remove as a folder from Nextcloud 2 even though Nextcloud 1 no longer exists.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?: Since then I have upgraded Nextcloud 2 to version 12 and still unable to delete.

I will have to ask colleague for further techy info if required.

I’m experiencing this issue too. A friend shared a folder to me from his instance. That instance has since gone down due to an irrecoverable hard drive failure, and I cannot remove the folder from my instance.

I have exactly the same problem here. :frowning:

Hi, I just could fix this problem but manipulating directly the Database, what I did was delete the rows in the table of the database with the following command:

Here to show every Share:

SELECT * FROM oc_share;

Here to delete the entry:

DELETE FROM oc_share WHERE item_source = 1116;

In my situation 1116 is the wrong file id where I could see in the Logging section in Settings as Admin.

Hope this can help you.