Unable to create user groups (newbie)

I am newbie here, so please sorry if in wrong place

I am supposed to set up NC for small user group. I did this earlier, long time ago, and I was able to create user groups and assing each user to one or more groups.

I am now admin, I can set up new users, but I can not crate any group so far. When I selcet + then I am asked the nemae of the group, I enter it and cklick the naxt arrow, but then all is lost and no group is created.

What do I need to create group?

Yes it is NC27

but I am not able to work on command line.
I can only work on the GUI as I have no idea where to acces some command line.

It is simply not possible to create a group of users. There is a field for it. When the plus sign is pressed, I am asked for the name of the group I want create. But no group is created.

I did work with two other , somehow older, NC and nevr experienced such problem.

What can I do ?

As stated - the user interface has a bug in v27.0.0 that prevents the group adding from working. It’ll be fixed in 27.0.1.

You have options. Here they are:

  • run a different version
  • wait for 27.0.1
  • figure out how to access the command line (you’ll probably want to know for future troubleshooting purposes anyhow) so you can use occ to add the group
  • use the User Provisioning API (which was also linked to in the other thread)

Seems 27.0.1 is up for release on 20. July.
How can i create groups in command line? help highly appreciated

Kind regards

The linked thread above has the link to the documentation.

Many thanks!

As I do not have acces to CLI, only admin account on the NC itself, I
will have to wait until 27.1

so far it looks like there are many issues with groups of other kind as well. It seems not to be possible to create a group in contacts as well. Also search for contacts is not functioning as expected.
Is this all due to the NC27 ?