Unable to create new collabora files or open existing files - Internal server error - filenotfoundexception

NC 12.0.3 stable. Collabora latest docker of CODE.

I have another instance where I have Collabora with exact same setup. This is literally a clone. Now I am getting an error. When I try create .odt collabora file it doesn’t seem to create it. Refresh the NC files view and it is actually created the empty file.

Click on the file and I get internal server error! I actually have tested that my collabora server is working by changing it to server to my working NC instance. Files open on it fine. So it definitely my NC app server that is the issue.

Strange how I have the instance it was cloned from working just fine! Bizarre! I will try and rebuild it from scratch but this is really bizarre.

My error from the NC server log says:

I have checked permissions between servers and no differences!

I know people seem to have had issues like this but no solutions seem to be there.