Unable to create Let's Encrypt certificate, 100% CPU Load

I have a small server running Ubuntu Server 18.04 and the snap version of Nextcloud. It has been running great for the past year but something weird happened.

A couple of days ago certbot updated the Let’s Encrypt certificate. The certificate was updated and it’s expiry date was 3 months in the future. However, any browser, the Nextcloud desktop and mobile apps, on any device said the certiticate was invalid.

I ran nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt to force a new certificate update. The CPU load goes to 100% load all the time and never finishes, even after a couple of hours. I have to reboot the server for it to stop.

I manually removed the /var/snap/nextcloud/current/certs folder and again ran the lets-encrypt tool. Same thing happens, 100% CPU load and never finishes, but now I can’t even access Nextcloud because I deleted the certificate and it never gets a new one…

Running nextcloud.disable-https doesn’t help because the command returns that “HTTPS doesn’t seem enabled”.

Can anyone help me to sort this out without me having to reinstall the server again?

I managed to have physical access to the server and figured it out.

Just in case this happens to anyone else, the problem was that I was trying to fix this using the terminal on webmin. Enabling https imediately shot the CPU to 100%. Do it physically or over SSH and this issue doesn’t happen, everything goes smoothly.

Thanks for the help anyway.