Unable to connect to reverse proxied solution


I am trying to connect from the NextCloud Android client (3.24.2) to NextCloud 25.0.4. The server is reverse proxied through CloudFlare (CF).

I can connect just fine using an internal address, by specifying the NextCloud port, but not via the CF routed endpoint on port 80, RP-ed to 8080. It just spins. I was able to do so prior to moving it to be reverse proxied.

Any pointers would be highly appreciated. TIA.

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I am struggling on the identical issues while just trying in local home network. :person_climbing:

On my laptop: It is able to open https://domain on laptop’s web browser.

  • NextCloud-aio: docker images started;
  • caddy: reverse proxy, transfer HTTPs request on specified domain to container nextcloud-aio-apache/11000.

Installed NextCloud Dev Android client on smart phone, which is connected to the identical local home router.

  1. What shall be Server Address for login ?
  2. Really confused on the hint: “It is the link shown on web page when you open Nextcloud Dev in web browser.”

Containers List by portainer.io:

It should be https://domain/

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If so, it will require Proxy on my smart phone. Or a DNS server in my local home network, at least working for my smart phone.

How to set Proxy in Nextcloud Andorid Client ?

Due to nextcloud-aio-apach listing on and port 11000.

Followings are all not working.

This is actually the recommended way. See GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: Nextcloud AIO stands for Nextcloud All-in-One and provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance.

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Sounds not convenient for users :innocent:
Is it possible to support and Config Proxy Server in Nextcloud Andorid Client ?

This would be a feature request for the android app then I guess.

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Thanks @szaimen
More questions on this issue :innocent:

  1. Why Proxy needed ? like Caddy in my case. Is it due to SSL/HTTPs required ?
  2. Is it possible to make nextcloud-aio-apach supporting SSL/HTTPs ? If so, we can avoid the Proxy/Caddy.
  3. Is it possible to deploy NextCloud HTTP only without SSL/HTTPs ? just for try in local home network

A Reverse Proxy is not necessarily needed. AIO includes a reverse proxy which can handle the certificate stuff if you configure your public domain correctly and open port 443 to the outside.

It does support that by default. See the requirements above.

No it is not and will not be added as certain features require a valid certificate and https.

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No public domain in my case. Just for local home network scenarios.

  1. Does the internal reverse proxy support this case ?
  2. Where is the reverse proxy ? in Container nextcloud-aio-apache ? or a separated container needed ?

No it doesnt. In that case it cannot get a valid certificate automatically. That is why you need to use your own reverse proxy in that case.

It is in nextcloud-aio-apache.

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