Unable to connect to nextcloud via internet

Hi folks,
I’m trying the last two days to config my system to access nextcloud outside my local network but i can’t. I thing that everything was done great…port forward 80 and 443…wrote the domains and the ips in config.php…and still nothing, any ideas. Thank you

from outside:

  • portscan
  • curl
  • crtl-shift-i in your browser (chorme/firefox/edge) to see a litlle bit of the communictation between the brower and your nextcloud

from inside:

  • replace your nextcloud temporary with a “dump-hello-world” webserver page
  • tcpdump or
  • wireshark to see if any pakets reaching your nextcloud server.

Thank you for the response.
Well I think the problem is in my router!!
It might bind the ports 80 and 443 and can’t let me use them. Is there any other way to… maybe use other ports?.. I don’t know…
Thank you

you can use any port that you can open. just add the port to the url in your browser.

but you won’t be able to get an letsencrypt cert with http/tls challenge. the forum is full this topic.

maybe you want to use a vpn instead. that connects your laptop/phone to your internal network and let you access your nextcloud.