Unable to complete installation

Hi, I’m trying to install Nextcloud on my hosted server (ipage.com) and I have a problem.
After I’ve entered the user/password and the MySQL database informations, I receive this message.
I’ve contacted my hosting provider and they won’t change the “binlog_format” to “MIXED”.

Is there another way to make this work?


I don’t believe there is anything you can do other then try a different provider.

The database requirement is documented at https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/10/admin_manual/installation/system_requirements.html#database-requirements-for-mysql-mariadb

You can still use sqlite which however is not recommended for performance reasons (as a preview or for small single user application it might be enough).

I’ve tried with SQLite, but after creating the the admin account it returns to a login page but the account I’ve created do not work.