Unable to change password

I just installed nextcloud 23.0.3 from archive downloaded on nextcloud.com
Il have the admin created as well as a second general user and a second group.
There is no pen on password neither group to click on in order to change password or group of any of the two users.
And field password does’nt appear under field group on my admin profile.
An idea on what I didn’t do right ?

Could you please add some screenshots for reference of what you are not able to do.

Please fill out the support template found when creating a post on #support and add to your post. Also check:

Nextcloud admin documentation
Try searching the forum for this issue.
Search Google.
Search nextcloud server github issues.

Check nextcloud.log under /var/www for errors. Or as admin in top right side menu.

Most likely it is already answered and well documented somewhere. Good luck.