Unable to backup to external hard drive

I have an external drive formated to ext4
ncp-config shows
DESTDIR /dev/sdc1

But when looking at the hard drive it is empty - nothing is there.
What am I doing wrong???
Thank you

try DESTDIR /media/LABEL/mybackup

You can not use /dev/disk, instead use the mountpoint and create a folder at mountpoint.

Hi @OliverV
It didn’t work.

The external HD is partitioned into 2 and the partition nck-backup is formatted to ext4
When I plug it to the machine do i need to mount the partition to the file system?

Thank you

Yes, either use nc-automount or manually mount the drive. nc-automount will use the LABEL to create /media/LABEL and create a symlink /media/USBdrive(1,2,3) pointing to it. Be very careful ! LABEL your partitions. And check NC’s config.php to make sure it is pointing to the actual mountpoint, not the symlink, as the symlinks can sometimes be swaped from one drive to another when nc-automount is enabled and you add and remove drives repeatedly.


sudo mkdir /media/MyBackupDrive
sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/MyBackupDrive

You need to edit /etc/fstab and add it there, if you want to have it auto-mounted at boot. An example of how to do that, using the UUID of a drive, can be found in the last section of this page.