Unable to access the NextCloudPi page anymore after leaving Time in the noip DNS window blank

After 30 days my Nextcloud was not reachable any more. So I went to the NextCloudPi page and then to the Dynamic DNS no-ip free provider page and entered all my credentials and left Time on 30.
After applying this, everything worked. Then I was thinking I wanted it to be accessible all the time. So I deleted the 30 and left it blank, in the Time Box. After that the output in the box below just would not stop. And I can now not reach the page NextCloudPi page any more. I tried
sudo mount - o remount, rw / twice with no effect. I would like to reach this all important page again of course.

Have you tried accessing the ncp admin interface from port :4443 and from terminal or SSH as ncp-config ?
If either work, please share the output of nc-info

Which version of NextcloudPi are you running? Image, docker, VM…?