Unable to access NextCloud via WAN interface

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The issue you are facing:

I have two network interfaces on my next cloud server. One is LAN and the other is public facing. I am able to access next cloud on the LAN interface but not the WAN interface. At no point have I been able to access Nextcloud over the internet.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y):

Steps to replicate it:

  1. I pointed the DNS name to the WAN IP
  2. I added the DNS domain address to “trusted_domains” in the config.php file (transfer.mydomain.com)
  3. I opened port 80 on the linux firewall (I’ll configure https once I see that everything else is working)
  4. Attempting to access my nextcloud in a web browser with the DNS name results in (after a while) “Can’t Open The Page”
  5. I used a DNS lookup tool to verify that my DNS name resolves the correct IP address

What else needs to be done to allow access to NextCloud on the public facing network interface?

Thank you

did you add a port forward on your router?

And in addition to jasit’s question, does your router (internet connection) have an IPv6 address or IPv4 only? If IPv6 as well, do you have a Dual-Stack or Dual Stack Lite connection?

IPv4 only. Since posting this I realized that port 80 and 443 MIGHT be blocked by my ISP. I opened a ticket with them, probably won’t hear back til Monday. I’ll update this thread either way! I hope that’s it because I really feel like everything is setup correctly on my end.

have you scan both dns and public ip with a port scanner tool to make sure? https://hidemyna.me/en/ports/