Unable to access nextcloud SNAP after some operations

Hello, I have just set a nextcloud server following the guide on digital ocean, which is based on snappy nextcloud one. I hate to admit but I did something stupid by running an automated script which probably changed some settings (and idk why and how), which makes me unable to access web interface…

The detailed information is below:

  1. I installed nextcloud and ran it properly
  2. Changed port of http and https to an alternative, it worked fine, can access from localhost and Ethernet.
  3. Something stupid x)
  4. Cannot access from Ethernet anymore. But still able to access from localhost.

Weridly, it is still possible to access it if I reset port settings back to default, which is 80 and 443.

Some other info:

  1. Ufw. Never enabled.
  2. Iptables. Reset to default, no luck.
  3. Switchibg ports doesn’t work, except for default ones.
  4. Telnet-ed nextcloud port on Ethernet, no response at all. Something’s blocking the connection, but definitely not the router.

Please let me know if you have any idea about the problem :pray: thanks in advance, really don’t want to reinstall whole the server :joy: