Unable to access Nextcloud on Android device

I have some problem accessing my Nextcloud account (externaly hosted on ocloud.de) using my Android device connected by WLAN (both, Nextcloud app and via Browser)

Here a summary what i tried already:

  • accessing Nextcloud on Android using Wifi -> not working
  • accessing Nextcloud on Android using mobile communication only (WiFi off) -> working
  • pinging the Nextcloud server with Wifi on -> working
  • Virtual Android device on PC -> working
  • PC/Laptop using Wifi or LAN -> working

When using the Browser on the Android device (WLAN on) i can at least reach the login page but then the connection seems to stop (Webpage not found). So to me it seems to be Android related (Certificate, …).

Any ideas what i can try/check to get it running?

Thanks and Best Regards, Thomas

If it works with Wifi off, then it may be an issue with the network the Wifi is connecting to. Can you test a different Wifi network?

Yes, i can test another Wifi network this evening.
But if the issue is the Wifi itself, shouldnt it also cause problems on a laptop connected via Wifi?

Yes, I imagine it would. Sorry, I assumed you only had the phone. I can only suggest bringing the issue to the Nextcloud Android developers at https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues.

@TommoT like mentioned, yes, best would be to discuss this on the Github tracker :thumbsup: