Unable to access install wizard

I’ve got a fresh install of Nextcloud 16 on Ubuntu 18.04, and everything seems to have gone well, but when I go to localhost/nextcloud it just takes me to a regular login page. I was following the guide on https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/16/admin_manual/installation/source_installation.html

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

By regular login page, you mean the post-wizard Nextcloud login?

Right. It’s a blue screen asking for username/email and password, with a login button and the “Forgot password” link that no one will use.

Which installation method did you use?

You can use the occ command to reset the admin password if necessary.

I installed using .tar with a .sh script

Thanks for the reminder about occ commands. I reset the admin password since it wasn’t accepting it, and now I can at least log in to the admin account.

If you’re able to log in, then the database settings the wizard would prompt you for must already be set. It’s possible to skip the wizard with the Docker version by providing everything the wizard asks for with env vars, so maybe the script does something similar?