Unable to access files after update from 21.0.4 to 25.0.4


I have been using nextcloud for years and i have not updated it till yesterday. I had problems updating so here are what i have tried till it eventually succeeded.

  1. creating another new docker container with direct link to my files “/data” - did not work
  • revert back to nextcloudOld
  1. Manually download nextcloud v21.0.9 and updated it. - works
  2. Used the updater.phar and now it works so i used that to update all the way till 25.0.4

Now i can access my server but i cant upload from my devices or download any files. to try to view the files, pdf or png it shows unsupported file type on my desktop hence im not sure what to do.

I suspect encryption has a part to play but im unable to confirm. Do help with what is needed to get this fixed as i need my files back. Direct access to the files are also inaccessable.