Un-Download file

In the Android App it is possible to download a remote file.
These files have a green checkmark.
They are stored inAndroid/media/com.nextcloud.client/

What is the way to remove the file from the Android device only? The green checkmark should disappear then.

Select the desired file and choose delete and then delete locally to get it removed from your mobile phone.

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Thanks! That solved the problem.

I am moving files manually from the Android device to Nextcloud.
While adding a file, I choose “Upload and move to folder”.
Then your solution removes the file completely from my device.

It would be even easier when the setting “Upload and delete from folder” would work.
But it does not remove the file, tested in Android 6 and 9.

That’s exactly the problem because the parameter is located under the Automatic upload section and therefore only works if files are automatically uploaded. Ergo it didn’t cover manual uploads.

You can try to open the Uploads menu, choose the three dots in the upper right corner and select Delete successful uploads. This might be the function you’re looking for.

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