Ubuntu-Nextcloud-Appliance Installation

i want to try to use the ubuntu-nextcloud-appliance. https://ubuntu.com/appliance/nextcloud/intel-nuc

Sadly i didnt find a place where i can ask my questions about. So I try it here.

After the installation, i called the setup url and got the page where i can define a admin user. When i click ok I got the message “/var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data is not writable”

Thats all :smiley:

I guess this folder is not the right place to write. When I login via ssh, the free diskspace is 0%. When I look to the drive via LiveUSB i got i system space which contains the linux filesystem and a empty user space. I dont know which things went wrong. Maybe somebody here can help me.

Thank you.

Does no one have an idea?

Not a shortage of ideas, just a shortage of certainty.

You mentioned free disk space is 0%, which would be a problem depending which volume you’re looking at.
Snaps (including the Nextcloud snap you’re using) are distributed as read-only squashfs filesystems, so having no writable space in /snap/nextcloud/* would be expected.
On the other hand, /var/snap/nextcloud/* is where snapd makes room for Nextcloud to store its data. If there’s no room there, you’ve got a problem with your device, and you’ll need to clear up some space.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘empty user space’, but if you’re referring to your /home/$username directory, that might be because Ubuntu offers encrypted home folders now. They’ll be mounted properly on system boot, but appear empty when examining from a LiveUSB.

thanks, my issue has been fixed.
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