Ubuntu client keeps crashing

Hi. I have a Ubuntu client (version 2.5.1git) that keeps crashing.

When I launch after it crashes, it always says “You have been logged out” and wants me to log in again and again.

It does the same behavior if I rebooted the machine as well.

I’ve “remove”, “purge”, “autoremove” and then “installed” nextcloud-client again…didn’t help…

How do/can I troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance…

What are your server specs?
And check your levels via top command or Glances if there is something eating up the MEM or CPU

running on ESXi 6.5, 2GB memory, 16GB HD…it crashes randomly so it’s hard to capture ‘top’ info…unless there’s a way that i don’t know of…

Try installing Glanceson your server, it will give you a better top view.
My suggestion would be installing Glances, InfluxDB and Grafana to Monitor.

Back to your issue, I would have to guess that your server is not able to handle things, so its crashing…
There are few changes you can do to fix it, but first we need to know what is eating up your CPU.
Check in top for anything that is using a high number in %CPU or %MEM and tell me the Command that is using it.
Keep monitoring for few mins, or better until it crashes at that point we will know is the issue is from the server and what it is.

ah, this time it decided to show me its glorious detail…


here it is…the numbers (“%CPU”, “MEM” don’t move)…


hmmm, it just crashed again…“top” just became an empty list…

…and what’s frustrating? it tells me that I’ve been logged out and asks me to log in every…single…time…

I had the same problem,
My client nextcloud has to sync 1,3To to the server.
The problem was fixed by adding more RAM in this Ubuntu desktop.
I had 4Go, now i have 8Go but no longer crashes.

thanks for the suggestion…i shall double mine (to 4GB) and see…

Yes keep us in touch

it just crashed again, but this time, it didn’t show the “The application Nextcloud desktop sync client has closed unexpectedly.” diaglog box, just an empty desktop… :frowning:

the VM’s memory has been boosted to 10GB…still crashes…

Any thoughts/suggestions is greatly appreciated!

I’ve steadily increased the memory to 16GB, still crashing…

do a

dpkg --list | grep libqt5keychain

There should be a


If not do a

sudo apt-get install libqt5keychain0=0.5.0-1build1~gcc5.1

thanks for the response.

yes, it’s already there:

root@f:~# dpkg --list | grep libqt5keychain
ii libqt5keychain0:i386 0.5.0-1build1~gcc5.1 i386 Qt API to store passwords (QT5 version)

Finally! I have one Ubuntu VM with 20GB of memory, another one with 16GB. The client doesn’t crash any more.

A rather “thick” app, I thought.

You should try the 2.3.3 version that is more robust. I have a 2TB sync on it and it sucks only 3GB of RAM.