Ubuntu 18.04 + Nextcloud 18.0 Snap

I have an issue that has proven difficult to track down… First here is my setup.

DDNS comain name: cloud.xxxxx.us (changed for this post)
Firewall port forwarding enabled and firewall rules within the router confirmed working for ports 80,443 to internal host. (This was done by simply changing the internal IP address set for the rules to another server that operate on these ports internally) and the services become available externally as expected), and the firewall logs show that the requests are being allowed, and funneled to the correct host internally.

Server VM: Ubuntu 18.04
NC18: Snap
Trusted Domains set to: cloud.xxxxx.com, local IP

Once the snap installed NC18 is available on port 80 internally and externally

Once SSL is turned on, (Lets-encrypt cert successfully obtained and installed) HTTPS traffic is forwarded to HTTPS on port 443 as expected.

External clients now begin receiving and Error 404 on port 443.

Viewing the firewall logs the requests are successfully being sent to the NC18 server, but it simply stops responding to requests from external clients. Requests from internal clients work as expected though. I’ve also tried allowing ports 80,443/tcp with ufw on the NC18 server, then completely disabled it… No Change. I should also mention this is on a new default installation of ubuntu.

I know I’m missing something simple… but it escapes me.

Well, not sure how, but after multiple attempts at getting the NC18 snap to work with Ubuntu 18.04, I downloaded Ubuntu 19.10, and all seemed to work.