Ubuntu 16.04 tut that works + directory for next cloud with a home on wp


yesterday i lost one full night around own cloud and after 3 days of this… i quit!
not a bad review on the own cloud system, just that ain’t made for everyday people to deploy it

So i initialised my server and before i go hunting on google to find some unexpected results,
I would like to ask for the help of the community on my specific needs

  • if they are easy or should i go just for the next cloudy only on my server and forget about a wp home on the samedomain.

. a really working step by step for ubuntu 16.04 with also hardening and let’s encrypt ssl
is this possible say in domain.xyz/work
and domain.xyz ran with wp
or a sub.domain?

SO a step by step to get them both without conflicts would be great if anyone knows one.

If that is complicated i would like to have next cloud on the home straightaway will ssl

Lastly i am not a web designer but i would like to know how easily can i get into a more advanced customisation of next cloud.

I read wonderful reviews and here I am saying Hi to all

With a sub-domain you get a better separation. You can use a different DocumentRoot. Then you can set them up independently as well. You should be able to find a suitable howto for your webserver how to set up a subdomain.

I would first try to get to run your domain.xyz and your subdomain sub.domain.xyz with SSL. You can just put a index.html in the DocumentRoot and see if you manage to start them, redirect everything to SSL, …
After that it should be pretty straight forward to install Nextcloud and Wordpress independently.

You have a few customizations (logos, colors) on the admin page. Beyond that, check out the documentation first:

I’ve got a decent guide here:

That’ll install Nextcloud into domain.xyz/nextcloud, if you want it elsewhere, rename /nextcloud to /work (or whatever) wherever you see it.

Wordpress can be in the root, you’ll just need to manage your apache vhosts accordingly.

I got so disappointed with my results trying a installation of another cloud. That for production usage i used the packaged install and it was a charm. CONGRATULATIONS, you made it for humans:kissing_heart:

Now i will be going trough getting familiar with it. However i don’t see like a video tutorial or something altogether with how all customisations can be made and also integration of apps and how to’s
If you can point me to a good resource even if paid

On the admin page the customisations are also very cool for humans. You just forgot to add the possibility of adding a favicon

I would like to use a selected the branding colours scheme is this file accessible on the customised folder or it needs code elsewhere… asking so i may not fall into a security error for a simple operation like a sag icon swap
I want to customise it a bit further

Thanks so much tflidd and again congrats in the ease of use.
Dev’s many times forget that humans we’re not taught code at school :wink:

Great job!!!
If you have any pointer or resources please do help

:scream: Thank you

Jason i am deploying the new server tonight with the customisations that i’ve testing on the production and will follow your tutorial line by line. It exactly what i need (but i will have to google how to manage ‘apache ghosts’ it’s like mandarin to me :wink:

I am decided, just need to get if the tools can do what they asked me
a place where to plan, track projects, create groups like dev/design/cust support all in one spot

Remote teams are each day more needed. After all talent knows no frontiers

Thanks Jason i will update you on it went and thanks

Hi Jason i was trying your tutorial

and sorry mate i lost myself on the ssl
it’s will be complicated i can see it because i a null on programming server language you name it.

One thing I noticed on the production server i setup using digital ocean configs on a 1gb vps running ubuntu 16.04 was that even with just me in it…it was alot slower than owncloud.

What are my options… hire someone to do it

You might think, helpless - but maybe it’s just me but i find the tutorials hard to follow… because when you do a step and something is not right after that you get all sorts of errors on the config.
Being a noob sucks lol

Any help will be most appreciated
all i wanted was a simple install on directory /ops

Tutorials can be improved, problem in general is that people writing the tutorial are knowing the subject very well making it hard to imaging the problems beginners could have. However, a more constructive feedback is needed to make improvements. What didn’t you understand and what errors did you get?

In terms of performance, I wouldn’t expect much differences between owncloud and Nextcloud (the code is still very similar).

Sorry tflidd if anyhow i sounded less constructive, I am the 1st to admit I am a complete zero… i am more copy paste or container run command

I am one of those users who has a need for a system where to put a workflow in place i dunno yet even if on nextcloud it’s doable.

The way you guys did the container install was a bliss for me, on owncloud i had lots of issues finding a good (for me) tutorial. So on that front it was 10-0

But on performance i noticed a slowdown so i am more looking into a step by step tutorial .

where i got lost was on the ssl
sudo ./certbot-auto --apache --agree-tos --rsa-key-size 4096 --email user@wheremyemailIS.org --redirect -d domainIwantNextCloudIn.org

I am back to the production testing your packaged install to check if it will handle the load on our small vps

Are there other tutorials step-by-step you may direct me to

What is the problem? Something you don’t understand or an error?