Ubuntu 16.04 Packages?

My company is running the latest Proxmox on our r710s. I’m wanting to migrate from owncloud to nextcloud, but I can’t find where the installation packages, and repository are at.

I want to be able to create an Ubuntu 16.04 template with the nextcloud packages as an repository, (so I can apt install + apt update them) but I can’t find any repository listed for it.

Any direction with debian or ubuntu packages would be appreciated. I want to ditch owncloud asap.

Do you mean server packages?

Nextcloud comes with an web tool to upgrade between minor releases. You can use that 'til you wanna change to a major release.
11.0.X release seems to be the default stable for a while.

I tested it on a spare. It works great but I don’t see a way to automate updates using this method. With 18 virtual machines it would be too time consuming.

You might wanna use a script to install and upgrade with a cronjob.
I know of one that could serve your needs:

Don’t forget to support the developers :wink: they spend real time a resources to develop and improve the software.
Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Script is a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend cron at the time. They put some effort in improving the whole update mechanism but it is so reliable to run it as a cron. After a new release, I would wait a few days and check for bug reports (or if you have one test setup to test it in advance, this would be perfect). After an upgrade, you sometimes have to disable the maintenance mode or enable some apps.

I guess you are right.
Scripts are good enough for now.