UBOS, NextCloud, PageKite

Newbie, purchased a UBOS box configured with Nextcloud. Nextcloud working on LAN. Was going to do it the easy way and use PageKite, as suggested by UBOS, to grant access outside of the home but running into what is probably an easy problem for most of you. Upon using this tutorial, https://ubos.net/docs/users/howto-pagekite.html , I run into the issue that Nextcloud is the site that is setup so I do not know how to get any further. It will not let me run, ubos-admin createsite

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

To be honest, if you’ve bought a pre-configured UBOS box and use their recommended PageKite software, why don’t you ask the UBOS support team to help you getting your problem fixed?

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I appreciate your time. I have reached out again to try and get it figured out. I didn’t know if it was a NextCloud question or a UBOS question.

Have a good weekend.