U2f and Android Nextcloud app/Talk

Hello All,

I’m planning to buy u2f device (Yubikey 4) to replace my actual 2FA OTP configuration but I have some concerns that I couldn’t answer in the forum or in the Nextcloud manuals

Scenario: half of the time I use Nextcloud is with my Android phone so I have the Nextcloud app, Nextcloud Talk and sometimes login with the Android chrome just for testing

  • As the Android app is using the usual web authenticator, I’m not sure how it’s handled with u2f configured… do I need a Yubikey with NFC support? or it’s not even supported by Nextcloud by now?

  • For Nextcloud Talk I assume I need to create an app password in case I don’t use the “import account” function, right?

  • It’s a good security focused practice having OTP (2fa Android app) and u2f at the same time in case I lose the Yubikey I have the option to use the OTP function? or it’s better to use the backup codes for such situation and keep u2f only?

Thanks for your time!



sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the notifications for apps/twofactor_u2f were disabled so I didn’t notice this post.

You can, as always, use app passwords for clients and applications that connect to your Nextcloud. I hope this answers your questions.


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