Two versions of my nextcloud

Sorry to hear you’re facing problems :slight_frown:

Nextcloud version (eg, 10.0.2):
Operating system and version (eg, Debian 7):
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.22):
PHP version (eg, 5.4.45):
Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?: Yes

The issue you are facing:

After our update of Nextcloud 9 we face the following situation:

sudo -u www-data php occ status

  • installed: true
  • version:
  • versionstring: 10.0.3
  • edition:

Does that mean that the update was not successfull? Which step is recommended now? Updating to nextcloud 11?

Thanks in advance


No, the actual version number comes from ownCloud, and the version string is the Nextcloud version. Everything is normal, although it doesn’t hurt to upgrade to 11 if you want the newest features and security updates.

Is it possible to comment out the version string from OwnCloud? The security scanner reports the Installation as but in reality it is a Nextcloud 10.