Two Installations, one Database


I would like your input on something: two different modes of installation, one common database.

The background: I administrate a small but not unimportant cloud under
which runs on a Synology DiskStation as a PHP installation using the native mariaDB package provided by Synology. As you may or may not know, DSM makes life a bit difficult as soon as you want things that are not provided as-is by Synology.

So, I am moving to a Docker image of NC (the full package including Apache/PHP) under
The Docker installation is running behind a reverse-proxy (ngnix) which can easily be configured to provide SSL encrytion via a Let’sEncrypt cerificate (Synology-easy). This installation is, during a transition phase, going to use the native MariaDB package until I get around to transitioning to a Docker-image of MariaDB.

The data directory is already now not within the nextcloud installation directory, so this I will just mount this as the data volume. I would copy the app directoy and mount it also. I would copy and modify config.php to use the standard directories within the image, allow the new domain as a valid address, and mount the config directory.

So, for a (hopefully) short time some users will be accessing the cloud via the php-installation and some via the docker-installation. But… both installations would be simultaneously using the same database. Does anyone see any problems with this? Anything else anybody thinks is going to cause problems?

Thanks for your input!