Two ideas/things I´d love to have

Hey there guys!

So im a happy nextcloud user. Me and a small group of friends use my self-hosted instance for nearly everything. There are two things that are not perfect.

  1. I´d love to change the order of file-types in the “new file” (+) drop-down menu of the files app. I have a few apps enabled that allow me to create other files like presentations and mindmaps and spreadsheets… And changing the order of that dropdown menu so I can make it look a little bit better would be awesome. I asked in the support category and also looked through the code on my own but either way I think an app for that (or perhaps an addition to the app-order app) for that would be nice

  2. IRC. im surprised there is no app to connect an IRC chat. Sure, there is the normal chat with basically no reason to not use it, the facebook-like chat and even element support. but nobody thought about a good old irc. (or im blind as f*ck lol)

Being able to change the order of the mentioned drop-down menu would be kinda important to me so if anyone knows how to do so please let me know how. The irc would be a cool addition (especially since I have my own IRC with custom made bot) but if any dev here now gets their hopes up; I wouldn’t pay more than a few bucks for a custom made app (I would want it to be public btw bc everyone should be allowed to enjoy it) since I can always just have it run separately in a normal client.

Just hit me up, write a comment or whatever :slight_smile:

You can create an issue

You also can use the app External sites and use an external link to a web irc system like .

  1. I dont think creating an issue at the main hub/server gh page is the right place since the app “app-order” is just a 3rd party app as well.

  2. Matterbridge… yeah thats something I really should open an issue about since its absolutely broken for me. thanks for reminding me that that existed. And well, I could just use external sites for basically everything, sign up there with privacy policies I dont agree with and code I cant see and have the greatest nextcloud instance ever while also giving away a big portion of the privacy that brought most of us here in the first place… or I use open-source software and plugins for said software that I can fully read through and modify if something doesnt look right to me.

I do not really know if AppOrder sorts the apps at this position for you. That was the reason for nextcloud/server - section at Github.

2.) I think you must not solve all problems with only one software like Nextcloud. Perhaps you use also software like iOS, Android or Windows. If you do want alternative software for irc you can install your own irc server like inspircd or miniircd (both not tested) with your own users.

  1. Perhaps draw a rough sketch on paper of how you’d like files to be displayed.

I remember mentions of the Custom CSS app as a way to rearrange things.

  1. Matterbridge will connect Talk to IRC channels. Might not work as you’d hoped, but that is what it does.