Two federation questions - learning about this feature

I’m experimenting with NextCloud to see if I want to use it at home for personal use. For some reason I never paid attention to the federation functionality until now. So I have a couple of questions.

The setup I am considering is:

  1. A local server at home, blocked from the internet (call it HOME)
  2. A server on a public VPS with a provider (call it PUBLIC)

Q1) I assume I would configure the HOME server to point it at the PUBLIC server using its domain name. Do I need to configure the PUBLIC server to point it at the HOME server so I can transfer or share file from PUBLIC to HOME?

Q2) What would be the best way to support the same users on both servers?


Exactly. Mount Public server to your home server.
Also, just add both on your client devices. When you are home, your home server will sync. Public will sync any time you are online.

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