Two Factor TOTP Provider


I just installed Nextcloud 13.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 and am having an issue with the Two Factor TOTP Provider. I have checked my time (and enabled ntp), but the problem remains. When I click on “Enable TOTP,” a QR code appears and a spinning icon displays next to “Enable TOTP.” I can scan the QR code using Google Authenticator, but when I try to enter a code into the next field it says “Could not verify your key. Please try again.”

I have actually rebuilt my Nextcloud server, and I have the same problem. I also have the same problem on two other Nextcloud 11 servers I have running. This suggests that maybe the problem has something to do with the way I’m installing the software, but that’s just a guess…

Any help, suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Nextcloud is a fantastic product, but I need 2FA to working.


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