Two Factor Authentication Problems

Somehow the antichrist infected my NextCloud installation withTwo-Factor authentication on my Ubuntu 18.04 Server. Right after upgrading to NextCloud Version 16. I was completely locked out, but gained access using the two factor admin app, I can also use the TOTP app, but I have to enter a code every time I log in, I have web access, but my nextcloud apps, calendar and contacts no longer sync on any device, which pretty much makes it worthless to me !!! I also have “enforce two-factor authentication unchecked” logged in as admin under settings, administration, security.

In reality is it possible to setup some kind of two factor authentication that works in a way that once it is setup, it will let my devices sync my calendar, contacts, and my apps will have access again and I don’t constantly have to enter codes every time I so much as look at a calendar or restart my iPhone or another device much like it had been for months after entering in my username and password on my apps and devices “it then just worked” ? if so "what actually works ?

In reality is it possible to get rid of two factor authentication completely ? if so "what actually works ?

sudo -u www-data php occ twofactor:disable <provider_id> “does not work!” Nor does sudo -u www-data php occ twofactor:disable , I also have no clue what <provider_id> even is.

Once two-factor is enabled for an account, you will have to create app-passwords for those apps, which are not 2fa-enabled. You can do that under settings -> security for your account.

You can also check as the admin, if two-factor has been set to forced in the general security settings and turn that off, if it is enabled. Afterwards, disable TOTP in your account’s security settings.