Two conflicting apache web servers


I’m new to snap packages, and I’ve found that the Nextcloud package brings along its own apache server. This conflicts with my existing apache, which I use to run a wiki.

Can Nextcloud be configured to use an external web server, not the one included in the Nextcloud snap?


Web servers run normally on specific common ports 80/443.

If you run one webserver the next one won’t be able to run since the port is already used by the first.
So it would be easier to use your current apache to run Nextcloud along with your wiki.

Just setup a domain for the wiki and another for Nextcloud.

Agree with Ark74. This link to the Apache docs might help.

Yes, that’s what I thought of. But how is that accomplished? It must be configured in the Nextcloud snap somehow, such that it doesn’t use the one included in Nextcloud, but the global one.

I guess I want to have the same domain for both, with two subdirectories: and


Thanks for the link, but the bigger question is to me, how to make Nextcloud work together with the other apache.


First use the standalone nextcloud, avoid the snap one.

Just like you install you wiki, download the software put it on a directory your web server can write to setup user and mysql database and fire it up on the browser.

The ordinary web application procedure.
Hope it clears things up

Remove the snap, and follow my guide instead.

It’ll configure it for installation into the /nextcloud directory to boot!

Your guide looks good. I’ll study it.


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