Twilio Network traversal service and NC Talk

I have been looking at possibly using twilio NTS for my Turn server. I am currently deployed on a lightsail instance but think i need something beefier for my turn server (I am also having trouble with the setup of coturn on the lightsail instance). Twilio has elastic capacity for pretty low price as I am using this for a business.

Has anyone integrated with Twilio?

@Roger_Warner No I haven’t but now I’m very excited about this. Have you managed to get that to work?


I asked the support of twilio, here is what I got:

  1. You should generally use our STUN if you’re using our TURN (this won’t be any different in cost)
  2. Trial account won’t affect your ability to use TURN
  3. Our TURN server requires that you connect with a username AND a password/secret, it doesn’t appear that the settings panel that you sent a screenshot of supports that. You could try username@turn.server:port and then put the credential in the secret field, but I can’t guarantee this would work. You may need to connect with Nextcloud support to find out how to use a username and password with their service.

One more thing, I want to point out that our TURN tokens have a limited life - they’re only good for a maximum of 24 hours. If you can’t configure this Nextcloud setting programmatically, you’d need to update the config panel every day.

I tried bulletpoint three but, the “test this server” function in nextcloud (index.php/settings/admin/talk) hasn’t approved the settings as being correct.

To the “One more thing”-thing: This seems to be a solveable problem. Just prepare a script, within curl the new credentials (, use the json output with the occ command line and reset the server, start this script by cronjob on a regulary base.

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