Twig filter for cms-pico

I’m working with cms-pico 1.0.6 on Nextcloud 18.04 on a shared hoster.
Are there already any twig functions or filter in regards to e.g. UserId, Groups, Circles?

For Example:
I used the default Website, set it to public, no limit to any group.
Then copied and restricted Access with the Yaml Frontmatter “access: bloops”.

Everything works fine, access is restricted and shows the 403.
But I would like to filter the menu in the twig template, so the link won’t be visible to non-members.

Would that be an feature request issue on github, or could it be solved with a plugin?

Thanks for any directions

There’s no such built-in functionality. However you can create a Pico plugin to implement such Twig filters and functions. See Pico’s DummyPlugin for a complete list of all available events; you probably wanna hook into onTWigRegistered.