Tweaking NCP (Redis/PHP threads, chache etc.)

After testing NC on a Pi for two months I set up the real thing for my family last week, using an Odroid HC2. The main reason for choosing a ready made NCP image for that purpose was the prospect of getting everything set out of the box up nicely wihtout endless tweaking and trouble shooting. And that turned out to work just fine (after having the obligatory trouble with sub-quality SDcard and power supply), so many thanks to @nachoparker and the others behind NCP!

But sadly I could not help my self wondering if I can tweak my setup when finding the settings for PHP cache, PHP threads and Redis cache in ncp-web. I played around a little and discovered that the preivous Redis-Errors disappeared when setting the redis cache to 1000M. Unfortunatelly I can not find which values are set here for default. So waht are good values to your experience? Currently I am also running 6 PHP threads and 1000M PHP cache…

If you want to tweak values, you are looking for nc-limits. By default it is managed automatically, so in your case you would get 8 PHP threads.

Also by default Redis memory is set to unlimited. What errors were you seeing? I am not aware of any

In my experience the default values work well, but I am very interested in improving this if we find better settings.