Tutorials are unavailable

It seems the tutorials site/share is broken.

Going to https://cloud.nextcloud.com/s/iyNGp8ryWxc7Efa shows me what seems to be the contents of a README, but nothing more. I also get an error message saying the folder is not available.

Can someone please take a look? I was planning on learning something this weekend xD

@Daphne Maybe you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also get an internal server error when visiting https://cloud.nextcloud.com/s/iyNGp8ryWxc7Efa?path=%2F .

still the case? for me it seems to work

Yep, still broken. It seems that the internal server error is gone, but there is still an error message: Imgur: The magic of the Internet - There is just the text and intro images, no actual tutorials or folders.

I tried this from my own mac with Chrome and Safari, as well as a comlpetely different Windows PC with Edge on a totally different Internet connection in a different part of the world. So I dare say it’s not local to me.

mwhm can you send a screenshot? And I can send you the files if you want by mail to get you unstuck for your weekend project. I’ll be on vacation upcoming week but will ping @szaimen to have a look

edit I see you already added a screenshot. If you send me your mail in a 1:1 chat and the tutorials you want I’ll send you the files

I’ll send a PM, big thanks for that! :heart:

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Right now, the tutorials are working again at Nextcloud , but FWIW there are some presumably-supposed-to-be-hidden folders that show, see screenshot: