Tutorial videos shared for all new users?

Is there something I can post without sharing but available to all users and all new users of the nextcloud.

For example I would like to allow them to have either links or tutorials lists for things like setting up their DAV5 on their mobile to sync contacts and/or sync bookmarks with the bookmarks apps on their PC etc.

And calendar sync. Honestly so many people do not yet understand how to do much of anything they just let google or other apps take over everything.

Would be nice to have some short how to vids on the server available for everyone on the nextcloud or even other how too reading.


Hi, maybe this app would work for you?
You could simply link to some videos there…


I think this might do it. Looks like I can enable the chat links feature right on the widget too.

I’ll give that try. Thanks

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I may not understand how it works. I didn’t see any icon added or how to use it.

I enabled / installed it but I didn’t figure out how to use it. I’ll play with is some more tomorrow.

Based on GitHub - eneiluj/welcome: Welcome widget in Nextcloud's dashboard you need to configure it here:
Settings > Administration > Theming > Welcome widget

I see Theming is not “enabled” by default I needed to enable it so I didn’t have that option.

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