Tutorial: Reproducing bugs and testing PR's with a test environment

Hello Nextcloud developers,

As part of the Nextcloud developer programme we are developing a series of tutorials. These tutorials will guide you through setting up your development environment, to creating your first apps. All the past tutorials were focussed on app developers, but the next tutorial is a bit more generic: it’s about how to set up the Nextcloud Easy Test Instance of @szaimen which is a great docker instance to VERY quickly spin up a Nextcloud for different versions. This is useful if you want to help to try to reproduce bugs that are for example reported in the server repository or if you want to help with testing PR’s. It’s also useful if you want to user test design changes.

After this tutorial you will know:

  • How to set up a local Nextcloud environment for testing purposes
  • How to test PR’s for Nextcloud
  • How to quickly reproduce bugs on different Nextcloud versions and get logs
  • How to set up multiple environments for user testing UX changes

You can find the tutorial, and also all the previous tutorials, here: