Trying to upload a file returns "Forbidden"

Hey there,

I’ve just set up Nextcloud (10.0.29) on a server running debian 8.7 with PHP 7.0.15. Everything works smoothly, except uploading files with LDAP users. The thing is when a valid LDAP user tries to upload any kind of file, the page returns a “Forbidden” message, which doesn’t show when uploading the same file with a local user. I’ve searched for this error but no one seems to have the same problem, just for uploading big files (which is not my case).

Any help is apreciated, and thanks in advance for your suport.

What is your nextcloud.log?

Hi, what is the solution? please

I am having the same issue. I realize now that my mistake was manually deleting the users data folder. Is there any way to repair this? I deleted the users folder because I made changes to the skeleton and wanted to force the update for the existing user. Ever since, that user is receiving the “Forbidden” error when attempting to do anything. Other users are fine. They are LDAP synced users.

found the solution yourself --> "Forbidden" when trying to upload files