Trying to mount an rclone mount into a user's nextcloud data folder

Trying to mount an rclone mount into a user’s nextcloud data folder, what is the best method?
I use docker-compose

I tried creating folders in the users data directories but it doesn’t show the newly created folder in nextcloud. I must be doing something wrong.

Any insight on how to mount an rclone mount (google drive) into a nextcloud users data so they can access, and edit files in the mount (essentially google drive) from within nextcloud?

Nextcloud version: 16.03 (updating soon)
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 18.04
Apache or nginx version: nginx proxy
Install method: docker compose
This is my compose file:


I’ve tried various different methods of mounting and it all doesn’t get picked up in Nextcloud. I don’t know why I can’t create a folder in the data folder and it show up in the Nextcloud UI. This is very stressful trying to figure this out :frowning:

Did you try to scan files after mounting? Otherwise the database would not be aware of the changes. See this:

Ah, that did the trick.

Is there a way to make this run every minute or so to scan for new file changes?

I tried making it a bash script;


docker-compose exec --user www-data app php occ files:scan --all

Then add that to a cron job (after making it executable) that runs every minute, though that does not seem to work.