Trying to log in with a device failed with "Your account is not setup for passwordless login"


I am trying to setup passwordless login on my Nextcloud instance.

I registered a FIDO2/Webauthn device with no problems (Setting => Security => Passwordless Authentification).

But if I log out and try to log in with a device, I get this error : “Your account is not setup for passwordless login.”

Did I miss something during the setup ?

The same FIDO2 device works as a Two-Factor Authentification.

Nextcloud 27.1.3 on Debian 12.2 (PHP 8.2).

Did you enter a name for the device and click the “Add” button next to the input field after setting up the WebAuthn device?

And this might be a silly question, but did you specify a username when you tried to log in with the decice? Obviously, it must be the username of the account for which you have set up passwordless authentication. If you leave the username field blank or if you enter an incorrect username, you will get this message.

If the answer to the above questions is yes we would need more details about your setup to be able to help, and please take a look at the log to see if there are any error messages, and then post them here as well.

The answer is yes to all questions.

I will do more tests and come back with more data.

Thanks for your help @bb77

There is a bug report for this issue but it has been closed:

I commented on it and I will see if it can be reopened or if I need to open another.

The bug report has been reopened! :slight_smile:

A workaround has been found!
See [Bug]: WebAuthn passwordless login not working although set-up · Issue #38859 · nextcloud/server · GitHub