Try to become compatible with Europass website

The Europass website is a site of the European Union.

It makes more easy to create a Curriculum Vitae following a standard structure. It provides an online app that allows to create the curriculum and to save it.

When you choose to save your CV, you face a three steps easy procedure.
The last step is the “Where do you want to save the file?” one.
You have the possibility to save the file locally, or in the cloud…

The three cloud storages you can select are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

I do think it would be interesting to contact Cedefop to ask them to add the possibility to save in Nextcloud. Maybe @jospoortvliet could do it…

Cedefop is an Agency of the European Union and it maintains the website.

Given EU regulation there is a strong possibility that they have to guarantee that the website will be compatible with Nextcloud through some standard interface…

Consider that, according to them, in 2016 the website was used to create 19.3 million CV

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It is a nice idea, but I bet they will only do it if they think that it is needed - if enough people ask.

Perhaps we should rally some people on the forums to all contact them, one by one, 2-3 every week or so, until they think, gosh, we should do this :smiley:
Being a government agency, I expect it to be expensive for them: tens of thousands of euro’s. Simply because they would pay an expensive external company to do it :smiley:

Even though it is probably 2 hours work for somebody who knows Nextcloud…

First of all thank you for answering.

either that or there are legally binding obligations to avoid monopolies…
Nextcloud could try to complain using that line, we users could use the “enough people” tactic.

We could be synergistic: is there any other user from EU willing to write them???
Please answer here…

I sadly doubt there are any legal requirements strong enough to enforce it - and certainly we wouldn’t want to spend company money and time on this as there is simply no benefit and only costs from a business perspective. So if this happens, it has to be a user/community organized thing…

well… i just emailed the so-called “Data protection officer” about not offering any option to store your own data under your own control.


i just found out that your software offers options to save your data in Dropbox, Googledrive, OneDrive. As we all know all data stored there is “safe” under control of international companies.
So why don’t you offer storing your personal data in your personal cloud? First and foremost in Nextcloud (/Owncloud)? Thus you have full control over your personal data and they will stay your property, only
I thought this option would be a matter of course to offer, especially for the “Data Protection Officer”


we’ll see how they will react upon that subject.

Aaaaaaand whatever you’ll do - don’t paste&copy my message to contact them… write your own :wink:



Thank you @JimmyKater!

Did you have any answer?

About the legal requirements, I still think there could be some leverage citing the right laws. Yet someone need to know the right laws… :frowning:

(and thank you also to @jospoortvliet for the answer! )

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muwuhaha - well this is the EU - if i might get an answer it’ll be not long before i die :smiley:
of course i haven’t got any answer so far.

which doesn’t mean anything… except for: not important enough at the moment. so go and file a reply as well :wink:

thanks anyway for reminding me again as i already had forgotten about it



They use for there support, I think they just don’t care about data protection at all.

Question sent too :slight_smile:

I see that we can now save our CV to the cloud, thanks for this nice feature!

However, I think it would make sense to offer an option where we could save to our own server, with an option like Nextcloud.

If you need help on the implementation, I'm sure we'll find someone from the community or from Nextcloud to do it for you.

Where can we find the source code of europass to make a pull request?

Thanks for your time!


Wait&see :stuck_out_tongue:


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They ask me to implement the increasing delay…

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Do you have an email to contact them?


not now… but i remember that i was looking for the guy above on their site and there WAS an email for him/her.

The email address should be this: