Trusted Domains + Nginx Proxy Manager confusion

Hey there,

i am trying to setup my NextCloud instance through docker and it only works locally ( works fine).

i edited the config.php file and it looks like this now:

and my nginx Proxy Manager is setup like this:

all my other docker images are working correctly but i cannot make NextCloud work when i try to access it over the internet (as in trying to access it with the domain or my public IP address).

all i get is a about:blank page and then a time-out error.

can anyone tell me what i have to do additionally to make it available through the internet?

Thanks in advance.


I am able to reach your instance via - as listed above.

You are however having a different error:

Make sure to chmod your data directory 770 as suggested.

sudo docker exec [container name] chmod 770 /var/www/html/data

You can get the container name with sudo docker ps

its because i had to combine the docker images so they are on the same network.
now my problem is that it super slow, im using this to store family pictures and both the site and the phone app struggle to load it.

any sugestions to optimize it?

and thank you for notifying this i will fix this inmedeatly.

In regards to optimization you need to consider the following;

  1. Internet connectivity
  2. Disk speed (SSD vs HDD)
  3. File caching (Redis etc…)

There are some good tips in the manual: