Truly Private VIdeo Call

Hi, What browser do you recommend for a truly private service? It is known that the most popular web browsers track your sessions when browsing the web, does that also apply to videocalls via Spreed? Is it possible to keep a truly private conversation? To me it is important to keep business conversations away from mega corporations, as they are formidable opponents, kind of respecting your competitors strenght.


That is why you use Nextcloud in the first place. I am not a Spreed user, though we will implement it sometime soon, but considering how Browsers, Servers, and the Internet in general works the following is the case:

You control you Server, and you can configure what gets logged and what not.
Assuming your Connection is Transportencrypted in a propper way, then theoretically no internet giant should be able to intercept your connection.
Browsers safe cookies and maintain a browsing history. If you are superparanoid, tell you users they should use a private tab for Videocalls, but i dont think thats necessary.

On the other hand, Windows itself collects a huge amount of telemetry data, but i doubt they record your videoconversations (unless you use skype of course :wink: )

The last threat i can think of is viruses/trojans/hackers. Since you talk a business application here, a professional Anti-Virus software should already be in place, aswell as an reliable intrusion detection. #secops

edit: @WindowsTelemetry: You can ripp that out to a large extent, but it needs a lot of maintainance because the updates will redeploy them regularly.