TrueNAS-12.0-U6 - Update danb35 Nextcloud Jail from v21 to v22

Hello everybody

As said in the title: I have had some bad experiences with updating the danb35 jail from major releases to the next and ended up re-installing the whole thing several times (which is not too bad either given that Dan’s script is just plain awesome).

Anyway, before I try to update the jail from version 21 to version 22 with the Nextcloud integrated updater, does anyone have already experience with it? I have read that the Sodium packages should be installed (sclo-php73-php-sodium libsodium) which I’ll do beforehand …

Thanks for your help and best regards

well I’m just gonna wait till there’s at least an update to the install script so worst case I can re-install with the newest version :slight_smile:

if anyone still has an answer, I’d appreciate it

thanks and best regards